The famed Kona Underpants Run!


Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 6.01.51 AM

(I am 2nd from the left, Kristin Mayer-Betty Designs 3rd from left)

Let’s take a step back….

It all started with a simple email on August 20th, from Betty Designs founder and master kick butt designer, Kristin Mayer…..

“Hi Kat,

Just caught up on the results from this weekend and wanted to say congrats on qualifying for Kona.  Looking forward to seeing you guys over there. A couple things…..


……and second, would you and your hubby want to wear the new Betty Designs swimsuit design for the Underpants Run?  I’ve got a fun group coming together to wear a new print I am unveiling in Kona.

Let me know.

Stoked for you!


Breathe deep…..holy sh*t!  Have you seen the Betty Designs girls??  Oh my gosh, forget swim, bike, run, get CRUNCHING!

And so, began my morning routine.

  1. Brew Coffee
  2. Prepare oatmeal – set microwave for 7 minutes
  3. Drop to the floor and CRUNCH until the oatmeal was ready

I did this from August 21st (the day after I fell off my chair and was able to type an email yes back to Kristin), until I left for Kona on October 4th.  And, let me tell you it worked, I got a four(ish) pack.  Now mind you Jeff DID NOTHING!!!  Genes they are a wonderful thing.

So fast forward to Wednesday, suit pick up day.

The entire thing fit in the palm of my hand, but I was going to be a team player and put this cute little suit on.  And I did, and it was the MOST FUN I have had in a long time.  I was joined by a tremendous group of girls including Best Abs in Kona Kristin, Tawnee (a suitsuit model in Triathlete magazine!), Lora, Laura, Jordan, and Hailey (and a stellar group of brave men).

We were supermodels for the morning (check out the photos on GoShiggyGo’s facebook page).  My daughters Lydie and Mia will never be the same after what they witnessed.

The special part about the underpants run is the levity is brings to the event.  Everyone is so serious for so long, it’s nice to let loose (literally) and just have some good clean fun! Over 2500 athletes and friends participated in the event which raises a tremendous amount of money for local charities.  To see more Underpants Run fun, visit You Tube!

And we did RUN! Like maybe ¾ of a mile.


One thought on “The famed Kona Underpants Run!

  1. Richard C.

    Just saw the link to your blog on Slow Twitch. I am going to attempt my first IM in Mont Tremblant in 2014 (though I have no hope at KQ just trying for 11:00 in M45-49). It sounds like you had an amazing adventure even if your time was not exactly what you wanted. Perhaps I will get to Kona one day if I am able to keep competing long enough that I am the only one left in my age group. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog, and think that you should be proud of your accomplishment — very few people KQ! –Richard

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