It’s been almost thirteen years since we built our home


The Modern Modular Green Home

It’s been almost thirteen years since we built our home

One of the best and rewarding things Jeff and I have done as a couple was find a piece of land in Eliot, Maine and build our dream family home.  Over the years, our family has grown to love this place, this town, this house.  But, as the girls get older and the house seems to grow bigger, we know the time will come in the next few years that we will pass this home on to another growing family.

So, my passion has always been building, designing, landscaping, and developing property.  Prior to owning this home we owned two others.  Our first starter home was in Davenport, Iowa (you may remember Davenport as the city along the Mississippi River that flooded).  It was a cute little cape on a treelined road called Pleasant Street.  It didn’t need much work but we wanted to make it our own and as soon as we closed we ripped up carpets (only to find gorgeous finished hardwood  floors), painted every room and landscaped till our fingers bled.  We made it ours and for two short years we hosted parties and holidays for all our friends who were attending Chiropractic School with Jeff.

When we moved back to New England we got the opportunity to purchase an amazing HUGE property in York, Maine.  It was OLD.  In fact, in the granite stone foundation the date July 2, 1862 was etched.  This home needed a tremendous amount of work.  We knew it was a transitional home as Jeff’s practice was also located there on the first floor.  We lived on the second and third floor.  Over the five years we lived there we gutted the entire building, installed and rehabbed gorgeous wide pine flooring (some replaced boards were even from a barn we had on the property), and brought the home back to its original state (much to the chagrin on our accountant – who had advised against dumping so much money into something we would eventually turn into rental property).  But it was worth even penny and every bit of dust, dirt and grime we encountered.  Both girls were born while we were living in this home so we have many fond memories.

In 1999, we stumbled on the piece of land where our current home is.  It was perfect.  On a beautiful body of water with ducks, geese and swans.  We built our dream home over the course of 18 months and put in every imaginable thing we and the girls could ever want.  When building was done, I went landscape crazy!  I worked with Fernandes Landscaping and created a park like setting.  Our gardens are outstanding, the stonework, firepits and patios make this the perfect entertaining home.  It’s now the home where all the kids come (something we wanted to create for them), as really it lacks for  nothing in terms of entertaining both inside and out.

But as I said the girls are getting ready to start their own life adventure.  While Mia is a junior and Lydie is only a freshman, we have decided to begin the land search quest now.  We live in Southern Maine, there aren’t many options based on what Jeff and I want for what he calls his “final resting place.”  But, what we do know is what we want.  And I am excited to do something entirely different than what we have done before.

We have rehabbed a 1950’s cape, a 1860’s farmhouse, and build a classic shingle style somewhat traditional house….and now its time to create The Modern Modular Green home.  I hope you will follow us over the next three years on the journey to create our next home.


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