Where’s Waldo? I mean Kat? Part 1


I last checked in on December 16, life was in a flux state, as I was dealing with what I consider the worst injury in all my years and preparing for a half way around the world trip of a life time with the family.

I received my epidural steroid injection (mental note…costly and ineffective, but I won’t go there right now) on the 17th, and left for London, England/Cape Town, South Africa on the 19th.

As Thursday approached, I was getting some relief, not from the shot; but from the multitude of drugs (bad choice) I was taking. I was actually really excited to fly Richard Branson’s airline, Virgin Atlantic.  Unfortunately, it started like this….



I have to say, in all my years of travel, I have never sat next to the toilet for 7 hours.  I never ever will again.  I have a wonderful family, who made sure, they had their earplugs and eye masks securely fastened so they didn’t have to hear and see me moan and groan about:  

  1. the neck, shoulder and arm pain
  2. the constant stream of visitors to said toilet

We arrived in London for a whirlwind 12 hour stop, to dine, do some tourist things and visit Will and Kate (but the doors were locked).



London is a beautiful albeit expensive city.  I am looking forward to going back and taking in all the sights over the course of a few days and not just twelve hours.  Jeff secured a day hotel for us to shower (get in pjs) and prepare for the 12+ hour flight to Cape Town. Back on VA, with a much better (more leg room) seat and far away from the rest room, we settled in for a long evening ahead.  I actually slept thanks to the medical advice from my nurse friends….how many painkillers and glasses of wine will knock you out, but won’t kill you required precise mathematical skills (or so they said).  All I know is I woke to the smell of coffee, which meant, breakfast was being served and we would be landing in a couple of hours.

Up next….Cape Town South Africa!



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