What’s wrong with purple teeth? Part 2 of our South African vacation




If all I took away from South Africa was a new found appreciation for amazing wine, then I would say it was a stellar trip!  We found vineyard after vineyard that we fell in love with.  We ran (literally every morning) through rows of vines weighted down with glorious grapes, through beautiful olive trees (yes, olive oil is another huge draw for the area) and the views were spectacular. Our favorite of all was Cape Lands Wine Estate.  It was a beautiful small vineyard with a wonderful restaurant (there isn’t a bad restaurant in South Africa – the food is stellar everywhere).  We visited twice and got to know the owners, a family from Italy.  This small Vineyard single handedly takes care of fifty families in the region…their care and production of wine and food is like no other, and I hope a distributor in the US will start importing here!

South Africa is a very special place and we visited just days after Nelson Mandela passed.  Our children will never truly understand the impact he had on the world, but hopefully in the short time there they got a better understanding of how special this ONE MAN was.

ImageA photo like this would have been impossible just a short time ago.  We were fortunate enough to visit a township and see what the demise of apartheid created.  And while in no way, perfect by OUR standards this is the way of life for many South Africans who go about their daily struggle to survive, to live.  The experience we all had in the township, will forever change us.





Our trip was filled with so many different experiences.  We spent a great amount of time in the CAR….driving on the wrong side of the road (and then driving on the wrong side of the right side of the road).  It’s always an adventure with Jeff (you can check out his pictures here).

Here are a few Cape Town photo highlights….



From the top of Table Mountain (one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World)



Yes PENGUINS!!! At Boulder Beach



Chapman Bay Drive….stunning, one side of bay luxury the other side was the township



I love my BMC, and ironically, I can find it like a Bloodhound anywhere in the world…..tiny bike shop in Somerset West



If there’s a farmer’s market I will also sniff that out too!  Check out the spices! And the homemade juice, look expensive?  

Nope, 10 Rand = $1…yes, a fresh juice was $2.50!

On December 26th….we spent our last day in beautiful Cape Town…..next up, SAFARI!



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