Winter Blues and Bliss



How can something so beautiful as fresh fallen snow cause such conflicting feelings?

Blues and Bliss….

I love snow storms, they’re beautiful, calming and quiet.  I am forced to stay home, build a huge fire, put on big comfy sweaters and cook food that warms the soul.  When the storm finishes, I rush to get my running shoes on. I want to be the first footprints in the snow, I want to have snowflakes on my eyelashes and see my breath as I run down the beautiful streets in town.

And then, it turns ugly.  The salt and sand muddies the sides of the road.  Drivers buzz me while I run because they’re late, don’t expect me, or resent the fact that I am relishing in the outdoors.  It’s cold, the black ice appears on every corner, and the frost heaves fill with salty puddles of snowmelt.  My dogs drag “blobs” of frozen snow in every time they go out and it melts in huge puddles that I step in with socks on.  The cat refuses to go outside so liter box duty increases ten fold.

And then, the world stops, because it snows again.  And the Blues once again, become Bliss.  I need that….it’s only been two days.  But today, after my run the sun crept behind the clouds and it got dreary and cold; and its Blues all over again.

New England is getting ready for the next arctic blast and another huge snowstorm.  And I, sit here patiently waiting on hold with Jet Blue to switch my flight from Boston to sunny San Diego on Wednesday morning to Thursday.  My bliss will now start Thursday, as I head off for my annual SD Leslie Myers Weathersby adventure.  It’s the girls and Geoff this time around!



One thought on “Winter Blues and Bliss

  1. Kristen Warren

    I had to check out your blog since Katelyn’s speaks so highly of you. I loved the blog…I empathize with you and am experiencing the same thing. Today, my trail run was great…I left my own footprints and could see my trail…

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